Boundary Crossings

For this project,  I “curated” a show of three artists. They included: Nadine Freund, a video and text based artist who draws inspiration from the landscapes of online role-playing games and metaverses such as second life. Ariana Wol, a low tech performance artist who draws upon the feminist and fluxus movements of the 1960’s and 70’s. And A.N.N.A (an international digital collective) works to shatter all boundaries – national, physical, economic, spiritual, and sociocultural.


In actuality all three of these artists were fictitious personae and I made all the work myself. My favorite  alter-ego was Ariana Wol because I got to  stage all sorts of romantic, incredibly earnest, almost sentimental projects: the type of work I adore but that I would never be able to take seriously coming from my own hand.